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Happy April!

April 12, 2010

Good day everyone!

Welcome, too, to my portfolio blog.  My hope is that somehow you’ve got my name – maybe we met at a get together, you may have Googled my name, or you just typed in in your browser – and you came here to learn a little more about me.

Most of us have resumes, but how many of us can make it a constantly living document, reflecting the way life works.  It turns out I’m learning things every day, and just as soon as I’ve printed out my resumé it is out of date.

So, please, read some of the upcoming articles here on the main page,
Learn more about me personally through my “About” page,
See some of the great projects I had a chance to be a part of in the “Projects” page
…and see my professional career thus far in my “Resume/CV” page.

Ultimately, I hope this is a way for you, dear reader, to know who I am, what I am capable of, and what I hope to do with my career.

Thanks for stopping by.